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Keyword Research is one of the most critical aspects of Internet Marketing - especially Niche Marketing...

Hi, My name is DK…

I have been into Internet marketing for about 3 years now. While I never ventured into blogging till about a year back, I was still making thousands of dollars every month from Internet Marketing. How…?

I have been building hundreds of micro niche sites and making hundreds of dollars every month from each of these websites…A lot of people have been asking me time and again…

How Do I Manage to Find these Micro Niches?

There are thousands of Niches out there ready to be exploited. You will find them on the websites that you surf, on the hoardings and billboards that you see while you drive, in the magazines and at the nearest superstore.

Finding them is pretty easy. All that is required to find them, is a little bit of patience and some creativity. This is precisely what I did..

I used a bit of logic, sense and a Killer Software that helped me discover niches and micro niches and I was on my way.

This nice little software that I used to find these Profitable Micro Niches, is Micro Niche Finder.

How is Micro Niche Finder Different?

There are thousands of keyword research softwares out there -Market Samurai, Keyword Elite, Keyword Spy and so on. How is Micro Niche Finder different from them?

Let us look at some of the key essentials in any keyword research software. These are somethings that are an absolute essential if you are to find any worthy and profitable niches –

  • Simplicity – The software should be easy to use. So easy that any newbie who sees it for the first time should also be able to know what to do and how to..
  • Fast – We all agree that the only two things that I have scarcity off are – time and money. So my research has to be fast, lightening fast.
  • Understandable Results – The results that my software throws up should not be such that such that it requires hiring a professional to understand it.

If these are the basic 3 things that you too are expecting from your keyword research software, then Micro Niche Finder is the answer.


There cannot be another simple software than Micro Niche Finder. Check out the below images

micro niche finder review

Click the Image to Enlarge

This image is of the home screen of MNF. You can see the same screen in the video above as well.

This is the only screen that you see when you start MNF. All you need to do is enter a word and click “search” and you are on your way to finding killer niches.


Click the Image to Enlarge

This 2nd image is of the search screen. The options that you see here are the only one you see and that you should really be bothered about. The options are very simple and understandable and only needs a few clicks and you would see the results of your keyword research.

So that is what Simplicity is all about and Micro Niche Finder wins it all.

Fast Processing

This is very evident from the video above. You would have seen how fast the keyword research tool processes the results. It took me a net of 4 minutes to get the results that you see in the above video.

I have used all the 3 softwares that I have mentioned above and Micro Niche Finder was the fastest of all of these.


There was just one thing that you need to look for in Micro Niche Finder. It is called as SOC (Strength of Competition). Check the image below.
If the SOC is green, it is a niche that you can straight away jump into. If it is Orange, you need to put in some additional efforts and if it is RED, just avoid them.

That is all that was to keyword research.

So what do you think?

If you think you can find a better software, then all the best to you.

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